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Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Thrill Seeking Relationship, Book One Will Go On Sale in August

I’ll be shooting for a new cover for A Thrill Seeking Relationship, Book One for August.

Since I received the rights of my work, I’m proud that I will be going forward to have it self-published with a new cover. I will not have the work re-edited, since the original editor, Elicia Stoll will be credited upon publishing. She is still a dear friend of mine, and I want her to take credit for the work she’s done.

I’m right now in the midst of re-working on the long novel I’ve been working on since 2015, but Book One to ATSR will go on sale in August, as soon as I have a new cover to my work. Also, in the works, is Book Three to A Thrill Seeking Relationship. I will blog more about it. I'm thankful to someone that is willing to let me use her as a character. It's going to have a little BDSM in the relationship. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Second Response to the Reviewer.

I got a response from the reviewer, and from her response I noticed I struck a nerve. She was really upset that I put her on blast fro her review comments, when she finally gave me constructive criticism on why she felt the book deserve a one-star rating, stating that it was well-written, but it lacked the realism for her. She felt there was too much sex scenes, but most of all she felt this was a personal attack on her.

To the reviewer: You started with the personal attack with your comments, and I have every right to defend it, when you say it’s sexist, it contains rape. What I see in you’re your message on Goodreads is you expect me to shut up and take it, and I have a little news for you. I, along with other authors, can stand up to reviewers like you. If that’s how you want to review people’s work, by damaging them with your words then you have opened the door for the author to counteract on you, even if it upsets you.

I heard you’re an author. You know, one day someone will give you a bad review and say very crude and mean comments. Then you will see what I and plenty talented authors see.

I’m not going to figure you out, because based on your responses in the private message on Goodreads told me about you. You’re young; you have a lot to learn, and you need to get over your narcissism thinking you are right and I’m wrong.

I want to wish you lots of success for you, even if you wish me the opposite, but thank you for pointing out to me what kind of person you really are. Hopefully, you’ll think twice on how to use your words in the future. There are authors that know how to get to reviewers like you. You may call it a personal attack. I call it standing up to people like you.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You're welcome to take down your comment on Goodreads. I can pretend we never had this conversation. ;-)

Good luck.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Response To The Reviewer About Allison In Wonderland

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on here, but today I’m going to talk about a reviewer that gave me a bad review on Goodreads.

Well, to begin, reviewers are all based on opinions, but what I’ve also learned that there are some people that thrive on giving bad reviews, and some that are just plain difficult to please. At least, I’m comfortable to say that this book was purchased, but it wasn’t posted on Amazon, nor Barnes & Noble or Kobo; surprisingly not on Smashwords either. However, this reviewer left a one-star
review on Goodreads that immediately stunned me.

The sex/rape was well-written but it was the most sexist and stereotypical book I've ever read. Nearly every character was the same. If you just want pure smut, I recommend it. If you are looking for something more than "tits" and "cocks" on nearly every page, though, I highly recommend something else.

I won’t disclose her name, but you can find the one-star review on Goodreads. She stated that the erotic tale, Allison In Wonderland, was a rape/sex story. To begin, all scenes have consensual content. There was a scene in the story I did worry, where the Red Queen in Chapter Ten had sex with a man against his will, but it was very short-lived. My intention is not to promote rape. I abhor those kind of people, and people who write about rape fantasies; in addition to people who like writing dubious content. The sex scene was already in progress, where the Red Queen was draining his life, as the man in the story pleaded. A little trivia there: I did question the segment I wrote, but I knew in my heart my intention was not to condone rape.

I can explain in my story, and tell it vividly without looking through. I’m the author, and I should know my work. The character I created, Lord Knave, is an evil character. He is the Red Queen’s right-hand man. One thing crossed my mind, in Chapter Nine, where I didn’t want to continue a scene where I believe it could lead to something dubious.

I’ll explain the scene: In Chapter Nine, Jessica, the White Rabbit, was captured and taken down to the dungeon, where she was tied and bound among two other women. Lord Knave had intentions of killing Jessica and the women through his sexual activity, because he inhibited the power of the Incubus. Jessica, even though she was defeated and ready to meet her fate, told Lord Knave to do whatever he wanted to her, but Lord Knave spared her to take the other women next to her. I designed Lord Knave to be a maniacal man; very sadistic. When he chose his next victim, I did not explicit sexual acts, since I knew where this went. In fact, I used the point of view on Jessica, where she closed her eyes, thus giving me the opportunity to close out the scene. The victims that were tied in the story said no, but I never went on describing the sexual acts. I just ended the scene to move on to the next scene.

Rape is a serious thing; not to be looked at lightly. I’ve looked down on authors who used rape fantasies in their stories. When I ran my site, AfterDark Online, I didn’t allow story that contained rape. The word ‘no means no’. I ask other readers to see for themselves where I was going in the story. I needed to be very creative, and this was the first time I ever wrote a story that wasn’t contemporary. I was writing an adult twist to Alice In Wonderland, and I wanted to create a something different than what other authors had created. I wanted to create something of my own, and entertain the reader. My intention of the story was to give to one die-hard fan a real good story of Allison In Wonderland, and share my work to others, entertain and arouse them. Unfortunately, I can’t please everyone as an author.

To the reviewer: If you hate sex scenes in the story then why do you read erotica? I will question to you why, but you are free to do whatever you choose. I remembered when you said that I wrote too many sex scenes in the story, where you did say the story was well-written, but failed to mention I wrote a plot. I will explain to my readers, that is what I like to write. I will not apologize for writing Allison In Wonderland.

I guess you’ve never read any of my other books, which they’re all consensual, and yes, contains lots of sex scenes, but the purpose are for the female readers. I’m a male author who’s been writing erotic romance for over seven years, and what got me into it was from a male author who wrote a sex story in 2010 with no plot, using derogatory languages. I didn’t want to be that author. I wanted to be an author that wrote sensuality, romance, and heavy eroticism. I don’t aim for realism, because there are too many authors that do that, and I feel the world is filled with lots of realism already; people want to escape and that’s what I give them. I write erotica for my fans – the fans I established over the years. I have a small fan base, and yeah, I’m not a best-selling author, but I can live with that. I appreciate readers that love my work and the faithful fans after that. I’m not a typical male author who just writes porn-no-plot. I’m sorry that you didn’t find Allison In Wonderland entertaining, but I’m not sorry that I wrote it. I’m proud of how far it has gone, and I’m grateful of the good reviews I received from others besides you. I’m also happy to hear it’s more popular than any of the other books I’ve written, and they were read by female readers.

What I write? You may say smut. I can live with that. I love sex. I enjoy it too, and I also love romance, and I write about it. I’m a happily married man to a beautiful woman for over twelve years. What does she think of my writing? She’s the most supportive person ever. She’s even proud of me that I’m publishing books, and even maintaining the love and passion for what I do. I even ask her for advice, and yeah, even though she doesn’t read my work she has a dirty mind, but reading erotic books isn’t her forte, and that’s just a personal preference. And she is very encouraging for me to make something for myself.

By the way, while I’m on the subject that I write sex, I not only write scenes that involves a man and a woman having sex in nearly every chapter, but I write gay sex scenes, bisexual sex scenes, transgendered sex scenes, I also write BDSM, and I love writing ménage scenes. I’m a man that writes from the heart, and also writes for my fans. It’s okay for you to assume things about me, and tell others not to read my work. I can tolerate people that make assumptions about me. All I want to say to a reviewer like you is… thank you. Thank you for your disapproval. I can live with that.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Writer's Mission Statement

I know. It's odd, maybe a bit too cliché. But yes, I came across with my own mission statement, partly because of the recent events over one year, and I felt I have a responsibility to help ease the pain with a sense of fantasy.

I’ve witnessed a lot of hate over the news; too much hate that I’m sure people are getting tired. Also to add, I deal with the constant shit in my day job as a blackjack dealer. Do I love my job? Fuck no! I hate it with a passion, because I deal to a bunch of drunk, whiny people; sometimes boring and annoying too. Should I quit? No. I live in a town where there aren’t any opportunities, and working for the casino is sole provider in this town. I hate my job, but I don’t hate my life. I have something to look forward to – writing erotica. So when people at my tables ask me that if I love my job, I will never tell them ‘no’, because they’re never going to solve my problem, number one, and being in the alcoholic state that they’re in they would think I’m a hateful person, which I’m not, but I wouldn’t waste my breath with them. I just tell them ‘it’s been good to me’ (To add, I’m not the only one that feels that way).

I look forward to write erotica. I daydream about it, about the scenes I want to include in my stories to help my readers escape from the realism in the world. Realism. That is a word that should never be used by any author. If you write fiction, then you shouldn’t aim for realism. I’m just saying. Don’t need to hear your melodrama excuse about why you feel you need the story to feel real; there’s a method to your madness, I’m sure. I just don’t agree with the realism when I interact with authors that write fiction. The way I see the world is usually a place filled with mundane and boring situations, filled with two many people that are after for one thing – happiness. You can aim for happiness, but only a few I’ve known have met every moment of happiness. That’s just life, but what I prefer to do is write about fantasies, help you escape into a world of desire – your deepest, darkest desires.

I write erotica, because it’s therapeutic for me. I like sex. A lot. I also learned that I’m not alone. The kind of readers I noticed out there, which they’re mostly women, shares the same deepest, darkest passion for the stuff I write. I’m honored to be able to write for those readers. I also thank you for the compliments. For the last seven years, it’s given me a whole lot of purpose to write the kind of erotica I want to write, combine three known erotic elements into a story, ménage, lgbt, and bdsm, making it a series, and give it the romantic flare I’ve longed for. I also want to arouse my readers enough to where they want to read more. The real world can be a tragic place, but the world I want to write should help you escape, kind of like getting high off reading a good sex story.

I don’t think I’m a great writer. There are hundreds of authors that are just as good as me, and some even better. I just love to write erotica. What I want to be is different than the rest of the other authors. I want my readers to escape into a world where they wish it was them experiencing it. I want to touch boundaries that had never been touch, but most importantly write about love in the story. It’s hard to write an erotic story without a purpose; nothing matters without love.

So to end, I have a mission statement – a personal one: To provide every reader a chance to escape into a world of fantasy filled with arousal and romance.

There, I said it. I’m happy to come up with a mission statement. The world is filled with lots of trouble, but writing about world we want to escape in shouldn’t be. Everyone has a fantasy – everyone. What we hope in reality is to make it a beautiful place in the world, but for now a good erotic book is what I can provide for you, and I won’t stop.

I’ve had the privilege to interact with a number of my fans on my Facebook Fan Group Page, AfterDark Moments with Ray Sostre. I want to give thanks to them, for giving me a purpose to write something special for you. In a world of hate and sometimes despair, I want to give you a world of love and lust, in a book of course. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rights to A Thrill Seeking Relationship, Book One Has Been Returned To Me

I finally got news from my publisher Bitten Press that the rights to the first book, A Thrill Seeking Relationship, have been returned to me. I’m really excited about it, because I could really leverage what I could sell finally. It was the inspiration that I write in the summer of 2014, and what led me to publish such a hot story. I can wait to get it started, and hopping for the re-release of the book. I’m looking forward to re-release it this summer, as soon as I can get a new cover. The edits to the story will remain the same, being that the editor of the story was Elicia Stoll, and I really appreciate her work. She was one of the best editors I was glad to work with.

Another book that was returned to me was Love Type Situation. This book was an erotic romance I wrote in 2015, and it was published over the summer. This book will also be re-released sometime in 2017 and 2018, with a new cover, and independently owned by me. It’s a great excitement that would best help me.

However, I do want to thank Bitten Press for giving me the opportunity. Although, I felt being an independent publisher would best suit me, since I wanted to have the rights of what I do. I also like it better, but I’m grateful of Bitten to give me a chance.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Thrill Seeking Relationship - Risque Pleasure is LIVE

Title: Risqué Pleasure
Author: Ray Sostre
Series: A Thrill Seeking Relationship, Book 2
Release Date: June 27, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance, Ménage 


When Johanne Courier finds about her husband’s infidelity, she decides to take charge of her life. In doing so she has an affair of her own with Jean Dorcel, the fiancé of her husband’s mistress. Johanne and Jean spend a weekend together, where erotic fantasies are fulfilled. After sharing a weekend of indulgence and pleasure, what lies ahead for these betrayed lovers?



Friday, June 2, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 06/02/2017: Forever On The Run

Happy Friday.

It's time for another Flash Fiction Friday in 100 words.

Today, I wanted to come up with something fun and adventurous, about two people who end up falling in love after they uncover a billionaire's dark secret. 

In a way, this story has given me some ideas to create a very erotic novella.

I haven't decided, but I took a little time writing this 100 word snippet.

Anyways, enjoy!

They did it. Chelsea and Raphael had brought down a corrupt billionaire, but what they did they may never return back to the United States. They created a lot of enemies that had ties to the billionaire. They managed to expose documents that he was trading US secrets to the Russian mob, and he was too protected until they uncovered his actions. What they did will have them on the run for the rest of their lives, but for now Chelsea and Raphael will celebrate their time naked in the water, off the shore of Brazil, making love under the sunset.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Thrill Seeking Relationship: Risque Pleasure Will Have Release Date

Hey everyone. It’s June, and I can’t believe how fast the month of May has flashed by. Anyways, while I’m waiting on the edits, which were for my upcoming manuscript, I’ve been working on cleaning up Promiscuity & Success – The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez Series. It’s over 400 pages, and I want this novel to be a very huge success. However, I spoke with my editor, and she told me that being the story is only 22k words it shouldn’t take her long, but she was backlogged due to other manuscripts she had to edit. However, she should be able to finish it in a short period of time, and I’m happy to announce the release date of the story – June 27th.

I was hoping to have it done by late May and have it out by early June, but I understand not everything will work out as planned, and I need to make sure I give my editors some leeway, because unexpected moments happen.

What I’m more excited about receiving the edits is that I’ll be able to create a series after my first one. I will not make a continuation from the first installment I released two years ago. What I’ll be doing instead is make as many books, with different ménage scenes. This will be the first book I’ll write that doesn’t involve a MFM, and I so much had fun writing this story that I can’t wait to write another installment to the series, making it more fun, adventurous, and definitely erotic. I have about a few more in my mind, and a number of stories I’m working on at the same time. Most importantly, I need to pace myself in doing so.

The release date is going to be June 27, and yes, I will have it out on paperback. It will be available once I have everything finalized, and I hope to have the paperback out by July, hopefully shortly after the release of Risqué Pleasure.

Until next time. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/26/2017: Shut Up and Kiss Me

Happy Friday.

It's close to Memorial Weekend. 

Time for me to present a flash in 100 words.


“It’s going to be just you and me. We’re going to make love until the sun come up, and until we’re too tired to make love for the day. I want to be with you; hold you and kiss you. You are mine… all mine.” Dale nibbled at the side of her ear and then kissed her temple. He placed his hand over Melina’s lap. In response, she laid kisses over his pecs, as he continued, “You are mine… do you understand?”

Melina let out a giggle when she looked up at Dale. “Dale, shut the fuck up and kiss me.”

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Update About Me and Other Things

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been blogging, as I’m so busy writing and cleaning up a story I’m dying to published, Promiscuity & Success. The first installment to The Chronicles of Meriesa Lopez. I had completed the story a couple of weeks ago, and this was the longest novel I’ve ever written in 140k words. Right now, I’m cleaning up the story. I hate having to be a perfectionist here, but I want the story to have a good flow, being that it is very long. I’m about halfway through the story, as I change and delete scenes that aren’t either necessary or needed to be revised. It took me two years to find a prequel, but I realized the prequel would be a long-ass novel that I truly enjoy. It’s a story I fell in love with writing since.

The story about Meriesa Lopez is a chronological timeline, reflecting her secret past, her present situation where she is torn between a job she hates, a boring life, and a possible chance at falling in love with the right guy, but something else lures her away from falling in love; something so tempting she couldn’t resist – a chance to live out all her fantasies with an old friend from prep school, Adela Giovanni.

The story I’m cleaning up will be the most different from all the other stories I’ve written, because I’m tapping into scenes that I never thought I would combine one day, but I want it to be one of the best stories I’ve ever written. My only hopes is that others would be interested and intrigued at what I wrote.

This past Monday, I was hosting a takeover at Shaan Renae’s 1K Likes Celebration, and this must’ve came with a stroke of luck, because an author was supposed to takeover, but it ended up being a no-call, no-show. It’s not her fault. I offered to host a 90 minute takeover. 60 minutes for me, and 30 minutes to the late Kathleen Grieve, a good friend of mine on in the romance industry. She dedicated her entire life helping others, and she was on the verge of coming back releasing her books. She was recently dubbed ‘USA’s Bestselling Author in the beginning of the month, but on May 11th she passed away unexpectedly.

I wanted to host a tribute to her, because she meant a lot to many. I really didn’t have much to give, but I felt in my heart I had to. I didn’t want her to go without being recognize for who she was, and if I can help her legacy as an author I’ll do what I can to help. She had recently signed with a publisher Naughty Nights Press, and from what I heard from the owner of the publishing company, Gina Kincade, she’s working on keeping her legacy alive, and I want to help any way I can.

I never met her, but I enjoy chit-chatting with her. She was helpful giving me some ideas about certain characters in my story that work in a medical profession. Her style of work was romance in the medical field. I remembered when she told me that what inspired her to write medical romance was all the medical shows on TV, where some things didn’t seem believable, and she was turned off by it to where she began writing her twists to it.

Upon her last release, she worked tirelessly to promote Prowlers & Growlers, an anthology that featured her book, Chicks Dig Scars – a paranormal medical romance. I haven’t read it, and I want to take the time to read it when I can. I want to give her a rating, and I have a feeling it would be good.

I’ll miss her, especially when my Yankees play against her Diamondbacks. I’ll also miss talking smack when it comes to her Cardinals against my 49ers on the field. Rest in peace, dear friend. Things won’t be the same without you. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - 05/19/2017: Settling A Truce

Hey everyone. Here is another flash for Friday.

Something different. 


Heather was able to end the feud between Damien and David. David stood in front of her, leaning his face closer to kiss her, while Damien placed his hands over her body, sliding her red lingerie above her waist exposing her nakedness below them. Both men were naked and wanting her. Her purpose for tonight was to settle a truce between two dimensions; a world no one on earth, other than her, could see. She was the offering between an angel from heaven and a demon from hell. Only she could prevent an apocalypse from unfolding into her world by mating with them.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday - Carly and Melina's Company

Happy Friday. 

I just love writing menage scenes, no matter how challenging and how many people are involved in the scene, whether if it's MFM, FFM, MMFM, MMF, even FFFM.

However, one of my favorite threesome scenes I love to write is FFM, and I want to give you a snippet in 100 words.


Such a wild time Adam was having with Carly and Melina, his ex-girlfriend’s best friends. Some friends they were. Then again, when his ex-girlfriend, Dana dumped him for some guy that lived out in the U.K., Carly and Melina took the opportunity to help him forget about her. Adam was such a good guy that they decided to hang out at his place and cheer him up. It wasn’t long before the three ended up in his bedroom, half-naked, ready to get in with him. They were impressed that he was such a great kisser, and even more.

“Tonight, we’re going to make you forget about her.” Carly said.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

RIP - Kathleen Grieve. Gone But Never Forgotten.

I found out earlier today that a fellow author, Kathleen Grieve has passed away.

She was awfully young, leaving behind a husband, I believe two daughters, and grandchildren. 

She had not only left behind her family, but she left behind a family from the romance industry.

She served a great importance to us.

It's been a pleasure and an honor to be friends with someone who was as cool as her, and while I never had the chance to meet her (I wish I did), I'm glad to interact with a hell of person.

I'm going to miss you, cool friend.

A long time ago, five years ago, when I was running AfterDark Online, I received a story from her, to honor HIV/AIDS awareness and promoting safe sex.

She came across with a story that really had me hooked, and it received some high responses.

The story she submitted, and I will share on my blog was Decadent Medicine.

Please, take a moment to read her story, and you're welcome to comment, but this story she submitted, I guarantee you'll like.

Description: Senior Clinical Manager of Perioperative Services, Meagan Cleary is finally free after being trapped in a hellish marriage for ten years. To celebrate, her friend takes her to The PussyCat Club where she encounters Dr. James D'Angelo. Determined to be the woman she was meant to be she allows their dance encounter to turn into every woman's fantasy.

Maroon 5’s latest hit, Moves Like Jagger poured, from the speakers of The PussyCat Lounge.  A telltale pulse could be felt through the walls and polished floor.  Oblivious to her surroundings, Senior Clinical Manager of Perioperative Services, Meagan Cleary placed the piece of paper that signified an end to an era on the bar’s glistening oak.  She smoothed the corners, taking in the news.  Words like “dissolution of marriage” blurred on the page as tears filled her eyes.  She expelled a harsh breath.  Joy and jubilation pervaded her every pore.

She was free.  Free of the asshole that had made her life a living hell for the last ten years.  The cinder block of misery and dissatisfaction that had weighed her down lifted.  A smile curved her lips.  A celebration had been in order.  What were the words of that old John Lennon song?  “…Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…”

“Well, not anymore,” she muttered.  She grasped her Dirty Pussy Martini—-a club specialty--and swilled the contents in one harsh swallow.  Her eyes watered more from the alcohol than her turbulent emotions and a tremor skittered up her shoulders.  She signaled the bartender.  “Hit me again.”

“Easy, girl,” her friend Charlene said, sliding onto the empty bar stool beside her.  “I didn’t drag you here to get drunk in the first thirty minutes.  You’re supposed to party and enjoy yourself.”

Meagan glanced from the papers in front of her to Charlene.  Tears of happiness spilled onto her cheeks.  “I wasted ten years.  Ten years of my life on him and for what?  For him to do what he did to me?”  Bitterness welled up in her throat. 

“Hey,” Charlene said.  “What’s wrong?”  Her gaze landed to the divorce papers.  “Oh. No. You. Don’t! This is a celebration of your freedom.  Not a pity party.  It’s time you had some fun.” She snatched the decree from Meagan’s unsuspecting grasp and stuffed it into her handbag.  “You get this back tomorrow.” 

“Charlene…” Meagan sniffed. 

“I mean it, Meagan.”  She held out a cocktail napkin.  “Wipe those tears.” Nelly Furtado’s Maneater enlivened the dance floor. “Love this song,” Charlene said.  “Let’s dance!”

Charlene was right.  No more sadness.  No more pain. 

Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

Meagan squared her shoulders and followed Charlene onto the crowded dance floor.  The staccato beat flowed over her and she allowed the music to pulse through her blood. Buoyed from her two glasses of liquid courage, she swayed, gyrating her hips and loving the feel of the silky material of her skimpy black cocktail dress Charlotte convinced her to wear as it swirled around her bare thighs.  She felt sexy and her confidence boosted a few notches. 

Meagan shook her head side to side, allowing her long blonde curls slap her in the face.  Jubilation bubbled and she laughed in a carefree moment she hadn’t appreciated in years.  Spinning around on four-inch stilettos, she stumbled.  In that barest of seconds with her eyes squeezed shut, all mirth died as she visualized crashing to the dance floor humiliated and embarrassed. 

Strong arms enveloped her and turned her ungracious fall into an elegant dip.  Meagan opened her tightly closed lids and gazed into the depth of familiar deep blue eyes. 

“Fancy catching up with you here, Meagan.  I didn’t think you were the PussyCat sort,” Doctor James D’Angelo teased. 

He straightened, smoothly completing the dance step, keeping her within the heated circle of his arms.  Taut, well muscled chest and powerful thighs pressed flush against her feminine curves; she lifted her chin to stare into his too handsome face.  Prominent dark brows covered mesmerizing blue eyes. Chiseled square jaw with a mere hint of stubble and a chin with the slight cleft that always made her mentally sigh when she saw him. 

He was God damn sexy and she wasn’t ashamed to admit she knew every square inch of that face by heart.  His was a face that had haunted her wet dreams at night, where she’d awaken restless and needy right before his perfect cock would enter her slick pussy and provide her the kind of sexual release she craved.  

The deep musky scent of him filled her nostrils.  Meagan’s stomach quivered and she swallowed, unable to believe her secret crush held her so intimately.

“Ah…Umm… Dr. D’Angelo,” she stuttered and cringed.  She sounded like the bumbling idiot he probably thought her to be. 

“I told you to call me James a while ago, Meagan,” he corrected.

“J-James, it’s my first time here.”  God, how lame was that admission?  She just wanted to start the entire conversation over—let him know she was cool and sophisticated.  Not some dowdy middle aged woman who never frequented night clubs.  Even if it was her first time.

“A PussyCat Virgin?  My, my.  It’s my lucky night,” he said with a seductive purr.

His voice rumbled near her ear as he’d leaned down to speak.  His moist, hot breath fanned the delicate shell of her ear and her knees weakened.  Damn he was sexy! Meagan thought this was more her lucky night rather than his.  She rested her palms on his broad shoulders, staying within his light grasp, allowing him to set a slow, seductive pace, despite the fast tempo of the music.

“Want to do something a little bit… decadent, Meagan?” he whispered to her, voice full of promise.

Meagan stared into those blue eyes, mesmerized.  That was a rhetorical question if she’d ever heard one.  But part of her held back.  Her more sensible side the one she wanted to tell to shut the fuck up right now side…  “I bet you do decadence with all the girls, Dr…ah I mean, James.”

He frowned.  “Actually, no.”  That deadly smile was back.  “Can I let you in on a little secret?”

Her heart hitched.  Almost afraid of what he was about to say, her breath caught, the internal pressure built.  Meagan nodded, unable to speak.

“I’ve had my eye on you for a while,” he confessed, expression serious.  “Hospital rumor mill has it you’ve been going through a tough divorce situation.  I’ve stayed clear, but now that you’re here, and in my arms…” he shrugged.

Meagan gasped, unable to believe what she heard.  She searched his face.  Honesty stared back at her. 

He chuckled.  “You seem surprised.”

Meagan blinked.  Was he drunk?  Once at a Christmas party a couple of years ago he’d flirted with her, but when she’d told him she was married he’d never given her that kind of attention again.  Now here she was standing intimately with him in a crowd full of people.

And you’re free, remember?  Free to indulge in the luxury of a light flirtation… or more…  Would James want more with her?  The question burned on the tip of her tongue.  She was dying to know the answer.

James’ hand moved from her hip, sliding slowly to cup her ass and molded her body against his.  The hardness of his cock pressed into her core.  He squeezed.  Her already damp panties were near drenched.  Meagan bit back a moan.  Her more sensible side be damned.  She was ready.  She didn’t care if this was the only chance she’d ever get.  She wanted the decadence he offered.

Emboldened by the promise of pure pleasure burning in his eyes, her hand cupped the back of his neck and she leaned in pressing her heavy tight-budded breasts against his chest.  She licked his top lip ever so slowly and nipped at his bottom lip playfully.  “I’m in need of a dose of decadence,” she said against his mouth.  “What do you have in mind, doctor?”

“Follow me,” he rasped. 

Taking her hand in his, he led her off the dance floor to a secluded table in a darkened corner of the club.  He pulled out a chair and sat, legs spread slightly apart.  Meagan stood before him.  She gazed down at James wondering what he had in mind.  She didn’t have long to wait to find out.  Rough palms on her bare thighs, he slowly slid his hands up under her skirt and ripped her lace panties off.  He palmed her bare pussy and she heard his sharp intake of breath at his discovery.  Her desire ratcheted up a few notches with the knowledge that he was as excited as she. 

A bit self-conscious despite the privacy the darkened corner had to offer, she glanced around the club to see if anyone paid them any attention.  Then all thoughts fled as first one finger then two slipped inside her hot, needy slick folds.  A mixture of heat and a fierceness she’d never seen before appeared on his face.  If she’d had any doubt of the sincerity of his lust, that one single look erased it. 

Pleasure burst through her core, so intense she hissed through her teeth.  She placed her hands on his shoulders for support and opened her legs wider, allowing him more access.  Just then, the music changed.  Nickelback’s S.E.X. exploded through the speakers.  James’ fingers moved in time with the rough beat while his teeth grasped the edge of the silky fabric of her dress and pulled down the material enough to expose one stiff nipple.  She’d never been so happy about wearing a strapless dress in her life.  His mouth captured her stiff peak and he sucked the sensitized flesh, tongue savoring her in a way Meagan had never experienced before. 

With his free hand, James undid his pants.  His hard cock sprang free.  She grasped the hard length and swirled the bead of pre-cum that was on the head with the tip of her finger.  God, she was full of surprises.  That this classy, professional beautiful woman would allow James to touch her like this excited him beyond anything he had ever imagined.  He loved the feel of her hands on him. 

He still worked her pussy with the one hand, but managed to grab a condom from his back pocket.  When he’d heard Meagan would be here tonight, he’d made sure to stash a couple.  Never knew when he could get lucky and man did he just hit the jackpot!  She grasped the foil packet from his hand, ripped the rubber free, and slowly sheathed his cock.  With a rough groan and all the restraint he could muster, he gently guided her onto his lap impaling his stiff erection into her moist heat and softness.  Guiding her hips, he moved her up and down along his shaft.  “Christ, you feel so fucking good.”  Better than he had imagined so many times. 

He trailed kisses up along her neck to her lips and captured her moan with his mouth.  She tasted of amaretto, banana and vodka along with her own unique flavor.  One he was sure to become addicted to. Lingering on her mouth, he explored what he’d yearned for. 

For so long, Meagan had been out of his reach, untouchable.  She’d been the object of his fantasies for what seemed like an eternity.  Tonight, her wild blond curls tumbled over her bare shoulders and down her back instead of the loose ponytail she always wore at work. Her deep brown eyes were full of a craving that matched his own.  Tonight… ahh… tonight the object of his longing was his.  Mine… all mine… The thought nearly drove him crazy.  He buried his cock deeper and was rewarded with her sweet gasp of pure delight.

The knowledge that they were in a public place disappeared in the wake of her complete surrender.  James could focus on nothing but Meagan.  Not even the throbbing beat of the music could yank his concentration.

“James,” she whispered huskily near his ear, licking and nibbling exploring his heated flesh by unbuttoning the polo shirt he wore. 

Suddenly her hands, lips and tongue were everywhere.  His gut clenched as desire balled in his gut.  “Baby, you keep that up and I don’t know how much longer I can hold on…”

His own need to discover took over and he yanked down the rest of her dress and palmed her magnificent tits.  She made little mewling sounds that encouraged him further.  He squeezed and flicked his tongue over a taut nipple.  A tremor tore through as she quickened the tempo, riding his cock with an abandon he’d only imagined possible.  He nipped the tight bud with his teeth, then sucked hard and another quiver wracked her body.  She was on the edge. He could feel it.

He tore his mouth away from her breast.  “That’s it, baby.  Come for me.  Come hard,” he commanded, feeling like a fucking king for finally being able to bury himself deep inside of her.

Her entire body trembled and then she stiffened and nearly screamed for all to hear but his lips captured hers just in time.  The tiny aftershocks that wracked her wet pussy pushed him over the edge and a guttural groan escaped him as he emptied himself.  He buried his face in the intoxicating scent emanating from the curve of her neck.  For several minutes neither of them moved as they panted in each other’s arms, catching their breath. 

Meagan sat back a bit and pulled up the front of her dress, covering those delicious peaks from his view.  A blush crept up her neck and stained her cheeks.  “I… umm…”  She pushed back an unruly curl from her face and tucked the errant strand behind her ear.

“No,” James said firmly.  “You don’t get to do that.”

She frowned.  “Do what?” she asked.

“Regret what just happened between us,” he answered.  “We’re both professional adults.  Smart.  Successful.  And lucky to have found a bit of bliss in our otherwise workaholic lives.  Just think of it as…” he pursed his lips together in thought then his face brightened and he smiled.  “Just think of it as a little bit of decadent medicine.  A dose of something healthy that we both needed.”

A sexy smile curved her lips.  “Decadent medicine, huh?”  Meagan wound her arms around his neck and snuggled closer.  “I think one or two more doses may be just what the doctor ordered.”

Monday, May 1, 2017

Cover Reveal: A Thrill Seeking Relationship: Risque Pleasure

When Johanne Courier finds about her husband’s infidelity, she decides to take charge of her life. In doing so she has an affair of her own with Jean Dorcel, the fiancé of her husband’s mistress. Johanne and Jean spend a weekend together, where erotic fantasies are fulfilled. After sharing a weekend of indulgence and pleasure, what lies ahead for these betrayed lovers?

This story will contain scenes that involve multiple partners and anal play, 

The release date will be in June. The date has not been determined.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Master's Game (Pilot): Stella's Audition

For the first time ever, I'm coming up with a blog series, consisting of BDSM, LGBT, which will feature both m/m, f/f, and tg scenes, also lots of menage scenes; things I want to share in my stories.

I want to write a series on my blog about a girl who found her master, and ends up falling in love with him, but what she doesn't know is who is exactly her master, and when she discovers who her master is, she'll be very surprised to see.

Here is a 2250 word piece. Anyways, enjoy.

Nothing is more musical
than the sound of a woman reaching peak of pleasure
No producer could ever duplicate such a wonderful sound.
Your sound could not be remixed or re-mastered.
Only you can sing me such true pleasure,
but only you can understand what will make you sing.
Your fingers can hit a tune that no man, nor woman would ever find.
Find the right note and sing to me over the airwaves.

- The Master

These were the instructions, Stella received from her Master – Master Davis. He had such a sweet but dark voice; a voice that immediately aroused. The way he spoke to her the first time over the phone had Stella all wet and needy for him. He left her in a state of wanton desire over the last few days. Stella was distracted all day, especially at work, and now it was time for her to pass her first test. She had received a text message from him with a riddle, having her to solve her. Master Davis wanted her to play his game. He wanted her to play the game of pleasure, take her away from the years of pain from her ex-boyfriend, away from the sadness she had faced over the past two months, but she had never met this guy, only received a card with his number that was slipped in her purse.

Who was this guy, and how did she meet him? She couldn’t remember, but she felt intrigued when she noticed his name and number printed on his business card, but Master Davis had this wonderful effect on her, and she was ready to take on her first step. She felt the sudden need for direction, but damn, the way she agreed to hook up with him was very unusual.

She studied the text, ready to break down the riddle he had sent her. Master Davis had told her each day to solve his riddle. She worried about how hard it was going to be, but this first riddle Master Davis sent her she was able to solve. Stella read the riddle carefully, where she looked at the last two – the part of her fingers hitting the right tune – her fingers. She immediately caught on that Master Davis wanted to hear her masturbate and then orgasm over the phone. She needed something to get her hot and bothered; something that would get her worked up enough to touch herself, maybe a fantasy, something that would let her escape into a fantasy where she could share her release to Master Davis, but Stella was suddenly drawing a blank. She couldn’t think of anything to get herself worked up.

She noticed the book she was reading earlier, and recalled a very erotic scene of a woman with her hands bound behind her neck, being surrounded by four men with their cocks pointing at her. She recalled the moment when she read that scene and got turned on enough to work herself. Immediately, she placed her hand under her shirt and began sliding her hand down to her underwear. She thought about the segment she read, the way woman had her arms bound behind her back, as the men used her for everything; the story gave her a real fantasy. It wasn’t long before she found herself growing wet over it. It was really hot, and one of those dirty little fantasies she had wished to fulfill.
Her hand wandered over her breasts, pinching her pert nipples, while she elicited a moan under her breath. The feeling of her fingers touching the wonderful nerve endings of her center had her body writhing with need. She felt the slick wetness when she pressed in her folds. Her mind wandered away in a feeling she longed wanted, the feeling of being dominated by a group of men that wanted to fuck her. She thought of every lustful feeling; the feeling of being bound and helpless, taking long hard cocks in her mouth, while her body was groped with a number hands. She wanted the feeling of being sandwiched between two and stay at the mercy of their cocks, as the men had their way with her. She wanted that feeling. Hell, she even thought of the wonderful feeling of another woman in the mix, making her lick her pussy until she came nice and hard. All the wonderful sexual fantasies wandered in her mind. She wanted really bad. She wanted the feeling of being dominated, and now Stella was going to share Master Davis her wonderful desires. She was working herself up really well, and needed to give her release so she could please Master Davis and move on to her next task.

Her fingers moved rapidly over her center. Stella lolled her head back with full excitement. She thought about Master Davis, imagining what he may looked like – a man with probably dark hair and wonderful muscular build, maybe long dark hair with beautiful, piercing blue eyes – a man with a such a wonderful voice she could just cum from hearing him. She imagined him on top of her, pumping her, filling her, fucking her really hard. His grunts and groans matching her moans. Stella really wanted him. She was immediately in lust with him. Only once, had she heard his voice, and now she was hooked on him like he was a drug. Her fingers moved rapidly over her center, as she exhaled her excited. The time was now. She needed to call him, and let out her most feminine cry of pleasure over the phone. She wanted to sing him something that was more beautiful than any music on the radio – her orgasm. If only she could reach her phone without losing her momentum.

Her head turned to the night stand. Stella noticed her phone sitting just a couple of feet away. She had one hand in her pussy, fingering herself, while her hand clenched on to her breast. If only she had a third hand, or some kind of mind-controlling powers like Star Wars, but she couldn’t she had to let go one, and so far, she was relishing the feeling in her pussy. She needed to call him, if she could only call him without taking away her momentum of pleasure.

She reached for her phone and dialed his number. Luckily, Master Davis’s number was easy to remember, she didn’t need to look through her phone book. She dialed his entire number and pressed Send. She held her phone against her ear and waited for the call to connect. When the other line picked up, she heard his dark, sexy voice that immediately lit her up like a paper on fire.

“Hello,” she overheard Master Davis speak.

Stella let out a moan over the phone. She let out a loud cry of pleasure that was very intense; so erotic that she bucked her hips with sheer pleasure, causing her to climax. She moaned loudly, hoping Master Davis was pleased with how she sounded. She wanted him to know how much she had turned him on, and how much more she wanted from him. She wanted to complete her task. She wanted another mission; have him take her to a mission, but really in the back of her mind she wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted to feel his body moving against hers, in pure rhythm that would leave her in a state of ecstasy. Fuck yes, Master Davis left her in a wanton state of pleasure. Yes!

She bellowed her pleasure over the phone. Stella was in mid-orgasm, as she writhed her body wildly. Her mind immediately wandered, almost forgetting why she called Master Davis in the first place, but all she could hope was he was pleased with her calling him to just express her orgasm over the phone.

And indeed, he was. She heard him express his satisfaction over the phone. “Yes… yes… that’s it; let out. Tell me how much you want it.”

Stella closed her eyes, thankful and relieved at how much Master Davis enjoyed her pleasure. She was thrilled that he enjoyed her. Then she heard something that was more enjoying.

“So far, you have passed the first test.”

What a relief it was. Not only was she able to solve his riddle, but she managed to have passed his first test.

“I love the way you sing into my ears. Your song sings a thousand words; better than any lyric written.”

By then, Stella’s orgasm had subsided. Her chest rose rapidly like ocean waves. Never before had she ever done anything this exciting, but fuck yeah, this was wonderful. If her first task was just as exciting, she couldn’t wait to reach her next task.

Then Master Davis spoke, “You did very well. I’m amazed at how you followed my instructions, hoping you would want to follow my next one. I’m very impressed at you, and how beautiful you sound when you cum really hard. You have passed the test. I would love to have you reach my next one. Then he asked, “Would you be interested in my next task?”

Stella, even though she was in pure state of ecstasy, uttered out, “Yes.”

At this point, she wanted to feel satisfied, fulfilled by him.

“Good,” he said. “Please, wait for my next instructions every Thursday. Every Thursday, I want you to be available and solve my riddle. I want not want to satisfy what I want, but I want you to enjoy what I give you. I want you to enjoy your beautiful body. I just have one last request. I want you to send me pictures of yourself, pleasing yourself. I will promise you that these pictures will not be shared, but I want to enjoy what you look like after your beautiful rapture.”

Stella almost felt reluctant. She wasn’t sure if she would trust Master Davis with the pictures of herself masturbating. She wasn’t sure if she could trust Master Davis from ever sharing his picture. Hell, Master Davis hadn’t revealed what he looked like. She had only spoken to him for the second time, and wasn’t sure if he would share her picture to someone else, but then again, she was in a state of rapture, and she was willing to give Master Davis whatever he needed.

Master Davis continued, “Show me what you look like. I will send you a text to a number to send it to, but do you trust me when I ask you for this?”

Stella almost hesitated, but she quickly thought it over what Master Davis had asked. Master Davis hung up, leaving Stella with the option of what to do. What he asked was if she trusted him with a picture of herself naked from the waist down. She was in her white t-shirt with her panties pushed to the side to reveal her clean shaven pussy. What Master Davis wanted was for her to show her full rapture of pleasure. He wanted her to show how much she enjoyed his request – his desires. Stella had agreed to be his subservient – his submissive. It didn’t take her long to forget the idea that it was what she wanted.

She lowered her panties down below her waist and held her phone over to herself. Stella pressed the snapshot button to send to her master. She wanted to show Master Davis what she looked like after her wonderful pleasure. In the back of her mind, she felt nervous. Never before had she ever sent a naked picture of herself to someone like Master Davis. Stella wanted to please her master with a wonderful, seductive picture of herself naked.

She was a bit reluctant to press Send MMS on her phone, but she sent it anyways. She wanted to show her new master that she was very willing to do whatever he asked her to do. So far, she like what he was giving her; what he was doing to her. She liked what he was giving her.

Despite her reluctance, Stella sent the photo over to her master and waited. A few minutes later, she received a response from Master Davis.

Very Impressive. So beautiful.  I love how you look. You look sexy with your underwear pushed aside. Showing your beautiful tits for me to enjoy. I can’t wait for the day to enjoy myself inside you, licking your beautiful tits as I fuck you nice and deep. Soon, one day, you and I will be together, but I must first give you another task, as you’ll receive one every Thursday night, and you must fulfill it at my request, sending me a picture of your accomplishments.

Stella was relieved that Master Davis approved her appearance. She was happy to see how much Master Davis enjoyed how she looked. She received another response of him.

You’ve done very well, my pet. Next week, I want you to impress me with another task. I want you to show me what you’re willing to do to meet me.

In a way, Stella couldn’t wait. What Master Davis had done to her was open her into a new world of arousal. Never before had she ever felt so turned on by what he was doing. He had her in a mix that she couldn’t say no to – a mix of pure pleasure. She couldn’t wait for next week.

Then Master Davis sent his last text. I shall be thinking about you all week, as I can’t wait to show you what is in store for you next week. I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go to finally see me. Soon, you'll enjoy the wonderful gift I'll give you.

Neither could she. A minute later, she received a picture message of a cock glistened in pre-cum. It was hard and juicy, enough to give her such an enticement. Stella couldn't wait for that wonderful moment.